Everyday I'm Rendering (Feat. Karim Theos & Josh Carrig)

by bausmod

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"EVERYDAY I’M RENDERING " is a parody of "Hustlin’" - originally performed by Rick Ross, (C) 2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group


Everyday I'm Renderin'

Who the fuck you think you fucking with?
I'm the Render Boss
Two days till completion make me fucking cross
I splice em wide, I edit long, I'm getting fat (what?)
I keep on scrubbin' back, I keep on scrubbin' back

I'm in my mothers kitchen, using iMovie
With all these fuckin' options making this bitch "My Movie"
I know Rob Lowe, at least I wanna, for real though I wanna
Maybe kick back in a sauna. (hot!)

I check the SMPTE figure, I stripe the whole thang,
See most of my figures in sync until the last frame.
I tried ProRess, Even LT,
But most these editors forgot about the Proxy
Then that session fails, I cry for a hundred nights.
My RAIDS gone and corrupted, 12 fuckin' terabytes.

Got my Mac Back, My bars are green
Scrubbing real mean, scrubbin', scrubbin' real mean (clean!)
I got my Pro X, Why'd I get Pro X?
Suckin' real hard, suckin' suckin' real hard
Adobe Master Suite, shit I'm stackin' business,
Mercury playback it , will transcode' my codecs,
Color Correction, my bitch is getting my sandwich
If I had 3 wishes, be done's all I'm wishing'
I'm getting hemorrhoids from, dealing with all these glitches
2 hundred 64 issues to be specific.

Computer freeze, it's gone black , I'm holding back…
So Garth go get a bat, a bigger bigger bat
Mo' farms, Mo' entering, Mo Space, Mo fucking rendering


released November 12, 2012
Karim Theos - Vocals
Josh Carrig - BG Vocals
Brett McTaggart - Producer & Engineer



all rights reserved